Call for Abstract Submissions

The International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) will hold its 6th International Conference (ISIE 2011) between June 7 and 10, 2011 in Berkeley, California.

Conference Theme:
Science, Systems and Sustainability

Abstract Submission

ISIE 2011 will include parallel sessions for presentation of papers, as well as separate poster sessions. In both cases, we ask that potential presenters submit abstracts of no more than 300 words (text only). Note that no written papers are required for the conference, only abstracts.

In completing the abstract submission form please select the most appropriate numbers from the list of topics below. (This list of topics is to facilitate the abstract review process and is subject to change as the conference program evolves).

Paper / Poster Presentation and Publishing

To have an abstract or poster included in the Conference Book of Abstracts, at least one author must be registered by March 15, 2011 and present the work at the Conference.

Submission deadline: December 1, 2010            (Abstract submission is now closed.)
Notification of acceptance: February 16, 2011

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Abstract Topics

1.Material Flow Analysis
2.Life-cycle Methodology
3.Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis
  The ISIE Section on Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis (EE IOA) will organize a special track on environmentally extended input-output tables and models, with an emphasis on global, multi-regional EE IOA. The track aims to bring together the most important efforts globally with regard to data acquisition, conceptual developments, and policy-relevant analysis in the field of EE IOA and to investigate how synergies can be realized across these efforts. Please mention "submitted to the EE IO session" in your abstract.
4.Life-cycle Management and Organization of Product Chains
5.Complex Systems and Agent Modeling
6.Scenario Development and Analysis
7.Eco-Industrial Development and Industrial Symbiosis
8.Eco-design: Products and Services for the Future
9.Managing End-of-life Products
10.Footprint Analysis, Reporting and Communication
12.Energy Systems
13.Sustainable Water Systems
  Environmental and technical water systems are interlinked and require a combined assessment. While the ecological assessment of water usage in the past was primarily targeted by local environmental impact assessment and water management, water footprinting has recently been integrated into LCA for assessing supply chain performance. We are seeking abstracts (and eventual presentations) on, among others, methodological advancements for comprehensive and consistent impact assessment of different water use types (consumptive, degradative or in-stream water use), case studies relevant to industry and society, and similar. Additionally, research on implementation of such assessment tools into LCM or eco-design is in demand. Special aspects to be discussed are the energy-water nexus and tradeoffs thereof as well as the spatial resolution and temporal variability in the modeling approaches.
14.Sustainable Cities and Urban Metabolism
15.Industrial Ecology in Developing Countries
16.Sustainable Consumption and Behavior
17.Policy Intervention and Planning
18.Food and Agricultural Systems
19.Transportation and Logistics
20.Buildings and Infrastructure Systems

The Call for Abstract Submissions is available in PDF format for posting and emailing to your organization.