Technical Committee

  Topic Individual(s)  
1. Material Flow Analysis Daniel Muller Bob Boughton
2. Life-cycle Methodology Jeroen Guinee  
3. Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis Troy Hawkins Arnold Tukker
4. Life-cycle Management & Organization of Product Chains Henrikke Baumann Frank Boons
5. Complex Systems and Agent Modeling Gerard Dijkema Ruud Kempener
6. Scenario Development and Analysis Jim Petrie Mary Stewart
7. Eco-Industrial Development and Industrial Symbiosis Weslynne Ashton Leenard Baas
8. Eco-Design: Products and Services for the Future Julian Allwood Tim Gutowski
9. Managing End-of-Life Products Eric Williams Kieren Mayers
10. Footprint Analysis, Reporting and Communication Sarah McLaren Matthias Finkbeiner
11. Eco-Efficiency Gjalt Huppes Roland Geyer
12. Energy Systems Alissa Kendall Sabrina Spatari
13. Sustainable Water Systems Donna Jefferies Stephan Pfister
14. Sustainable Cities and Urban Metabolism John Fernandez Paulo Ferrao
    Sangwon Suh  
15. Industrial Ecology in Developing Countries Marian Chertow Megha Shenoy
16. Sustainable Consumption and Behavior Angela Druckman Barbara Karn
17. Policy Intervention and Planning Clint Andrews Edgar Hertwich
18. Food and Agricultural Systems Greg Thoma Deepak Sivaraman
19. Transportation and Logistics Mikhail Chester Heather MacLean
20. Buildings and Infrastructure Systems Michael Lepech Seppo Junnila